I want to share a beautiful note that I received after my talk at the Happiness Club. Personal information is withheld.

“I wanted to tell you that I was blown away by your book! Yesterday being a rainy day it was perfect to curl up with. You are a wonderful writer! You helped me to see the world through your lens. I must say this brought me great compassion for how my children’s worlds may also. I so appreciate how vulnerable and authentic you are in sharing your story. It makes it more real and also paves the way for others to open up about their pain and wounds. I believe that this is where the healing happens. When you can open the curtains to the darkness that ray of light can enter and begin to heal your heart. There is no shame in having bipolar nor in being molested or a parentified child. None of this is your fault. But it is your journey. Deep bow to you for your brave display of courage and telling the story and navigating your way to stability. I love how you weaved your wisdom of self care and life circumstances through the book. I fully endorse all your methods especially nutrition, exercise, keeping your space in order and handling money matters. Thank you Brandi for opening up your world for the benefit of others that may still be suffering. You are a blessing to me and my family and I’m sure many others. In love and light, Ms.B


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Book Review
”Brandi’s story is inspiring and enlightening. She is a great example of what happens when you take ownership of everything that you are and the life-saving benefits of self-care and self-advocacy. All of us experience ups and downs but finding an equilibrium between the extremes is what separates the sick-mind from the well. Kudos to Brandi for bravely stepping into the limelight to explain that, and then asking that the houselights get turned on. May your mission help the millions who have been in the dark-those that are afflicted by mood disorders, the people who care for them and the systems that perpetuate their illness. Marj Clark, Booking Agent
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Book Review
“From ups and Downs to Middle Ground, Surviving bipolar disorder is a raw, honest, and insightful description of Brandi’s journey toward health. Her memoire reads like a conversation between close friends. She is gentile, yet real regarding the everyday struggles people with bipolar and their loved ones face. Her memoire gives readers understanding and hope. This book is useful and an approachable read for anyone interested in understanding and managing bipolar. Pamela McGuire, MSW,LCSW

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