Keeping it together

I often dream of traveling the world. How exciting it would be to go from one country to another. Then I realize its just dreams and not based too much in reality. Travel usually sets me back mentally for a short period of time. Keeping up with others and their energy can be quite tiresome. I know my boundaries and how to identify my triggers. That doesnt always do the trick! So when I do travel I have to keep myself “in check” for my own mental health. I have to take my meds at the regular time, get good sleep and eat well. Others may look upon all of this with judgement. I am ok with that. I know what its like to feel out of control with my mind and world around me. I dont ever wish to go back that place of uncertanity. I know that it may happen therefore I keep most of my life easy and smooth and easy to tolerate and juggle within a safe place. There is no shame in taking care of yourself.

Minds struggle