How frightening is this!!!

Check this out: 4lbs of sugar a month is consumed just in having 1 soda a day! 😳 We have to acknowledge what we are doing to our bodies, and then make the decision whether it’s worth it to us or not.

👉🏻And DIET/ZERO soda is actually WORSE. The number of chemicals in those would outweigh this bag of sugar ten-fold (Most of which are carcinogenic)! 😩. And very likely are unfortunately keeping the weight on.

Most people who love soda cannot quit on their own...Our pink drink helps balance your blood sugar and will help retrain your body so that you don’t have the NEED for coffee or soda. Then it becomes a choice indulgence vs a must have to survive! Also, healing your gut rids your body of the yeast overgrowth that fuels your need for more sugar/soda!

Minds struggle

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