planting seeds

There is NO reason you can't enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Do remember that we dont eat the fruit the day we planted it!!

Life changes are scary.
Especially big ones that require big work.

You look at this picture and see a girl that lost some weight. I look at this picture and see a girl that became happier, confident & crushed some serious stuff. I didn’t just lose weight.. I lost depression, anxiety, so many health issues and insecurities. There’s so much that happened behind the scenes of this “before and after” pic. Nothing about it was easy but y’all, I’m so glad I decided to put myself first.

I know there’s a few of you out there that are looking at this picture wishing you were brave enough to change. Well guess what sister?! You are. You just have to do it.

“Never trust your fears. They don’t know your strength.” - Athena Singh

Pink Drink

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