Fear and Doubt

When suffering from a mental illness accomplishing tasks can feel monumental.  When we really take a look inside, what is holding us back is our fear and doubt. We fear failure because we have taken that on as part of our identity. When I am in the bouts of mania or depression I cannot think about goals and dreams. They feel like they are for someone more deserving. Our lives are filled with doubt because we can not always rely on our mind. These are the bad times...  We have not learned that it is ok to feel fear and do it anyway and allow doubt to be our fuel. These are very valuable lessons we must learn in order to feel productive and present in our own lives. Its ok to DREAM BIG. Reach for the stars, then at least you'll land in the clouds. Write out your dreams. All of them. Take a deep breath, listen to happy music, do some exercise and start moving forward. Start tackling that list of dreams. Today is as good of a day as any. 

Happy New Year

Be Gracious