Reality Bites

Mental Wellness..... Reality Bites!! My weekend off has come to a halt. These are the daily reminders of my illness that I must manage carefully. I had mentioned the genetic testing I had to help determine what meds would work best. Oddly the results completely contradict my routine blood work. I did have to reduce one medication by 150 mgs. I don't normally like to make this large of a medication drop at once since I am so sensitive to medication, however, this particular drug I have an increased chance of developing seizures so it had to be reduced immediately. I did some research after I was feeling like hell for 5 days after I reduce the medication and found a long list of withdrawal symptoms. all weekend I have felt like hell my gut is a mess the headaches are extreme and I find myself so frustrated with all of it. it just goes to show that you don't have to be a drug addict to have withdrawal symptoms from medication. And know that you can have withdrawal symptoms from all kinds of medications so anytime you're going on or off a medication do your research so you know what lies ahead. now after reading this can you recall a time in your life where you may have experience withdrawal symptoms and not know it at the time?

High Energy Symptom of bipolar

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