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Mental Health we've come to the end of yet another week. Summer is in full bloom and people are out and about soaking in the Sun. for those of us who suffer with a mental illness getting out and about and enjoying social situations can be difficult. I personally did for about 9 years and the only people I ever saw where immediate family. I felt shame and embarrassment and I thought the whole world knew I was suffering from bipolar. When you take hold of your mental illness and not let it control you anymore you're able to be open to all kinds of experiences that the Universe has for us. if going out and about to social situations is just not something you're ready to do try something small. Even if it's just going out on your back step and letting the sun hit your face. Make sure you're walking to your mailbox. When you go to the grocery store take a little more time maybe even wander around a little bit. We have to get used to being around other people and know that they're not judging you. They have no idea why you're suffering from an illness at all unless you tell them. So put on whatever is comfortable to you and take a chance and venture out this weekend. I'm not saying it's easy because it's not. There are many times when I have to absolutely push myself out the door because I have come up with 15 excuses on why I shouldn't go. I'm blessed that my home is a safe haven but sometimes it can be the place that holds me back. I don't want to give up that sense of security that I feel when I'm home. But the more I venture out the more errands I do the more people I meet the better I feel. So since we've just begun summer I encourage you to take the first baby steps out. Enjoy the Sun a little bit if you live near the water enjoy the water say hello to someone you've never spoken to before and go on with your day. It might even be a good idea to journal and write down the activities that you did for the day and how you felt doing them. We all have to restart from somewhere. Where is yours going to be?

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