Symptoms of bipolar

Mental Health when talking to the average public I've come to realize most people don't know what bipolar disorder actually is. So I'm going to spend the next week going over the 15 symptoms of bipolar and the right foods to eat for bipolar. is a great resource. So bipolar disorder is a mood disorder. people who suffer from bipolar disorder experience episodes of mania which are typically followed by depression and vice versa. One of the most common symptoms for bipolar disorder are mood swings. There are a combination of manic and depressive symptoms so a person will have really high levels of positivity high levels of energy able to accomplish several tasks at the same time and when those high levels change a person then experiences depression and this can last for days or even months. I always say What Goes Up comes down. And I've always thought I was the moodiest person I've ever known but it makes sense. These mood swings are exhausting and can be distructable and medications like mood stabilizers are helpful to bring back stability. Its always being managed in one way or another.

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