Side Effects

Mental Health Those of us who take any sort of medications have to be aware of side effects. You, unfortunately, see it everywhere if you watch any kind of tv. With psych meds, since that's what I am familiar with, have horrible side effects for some. For others, we have to weigh out the benefits vs. the results. Often the doctor will write the script thinking that the side effects aren't as bad than not taking it at all. WAIT.. shouldn't we decide that?? With modern technology, we have so many resources and available info on every med you could imagine. I am not saying to doctor yourself. I am saying do a little research so you're more aware of side effects to look for before its too far gone. When I first started taking psyc meds my body sat at a comfortable weight no more that 105lbs. That might seem low but I am petite and 5foot2. So that was reasonable. I didn't have to do anything to keep that weight, it's just where my body sat....... until psych meds. A couple years in from taking meds I had gained 50 lbs!! What in the hell happened?? No one said a thing! Not a person. Maybe they felt I was dealing with enough. I was! When it got to the point that my primary doctor mentioned me needing blood pressure meds I almost did a back flip in her office. The worse part is that she didn't say "lose some weight", just your gonna need bp meds. My head almost exploded. I did not take the bp med, I lost weight instead. So as the weight came off my bp normalized. Escaped that one. Of course, I had to change the medication I was on. So many psych drugs cause weight gain and then its a trip down the bunny hole. All the problems that come with weight gain are preventable if we were a little better educated. I feel it my mission to help others if they find themselves headed down the bunny hole of psych problems. I am not a doctor, just a really good student of psych and life. Here is a Freebie Chapter for you for hanging in there with me.

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