trying and truth

Mental Health. Taking the cyber weekend off was not totally successful. I tried. I will continue to try. When I have my head buried in my laptop I have no awareness of whats around me. It not fair to my love. I also took a couple days off because my medication needs a slight adjustment. I did a genetic test and it gave us the opposite answers compared to what my blood levels show. So, what to do???? For the most part, I'll stay the course with a different variation of one med. We also decided to utilize the genetic tests info and reduce one another medication due to the increased chance for seizures. So, as you see a lot goes into staying healthy with a mental illness. Many people don't discuss their struggles with the illness let alone their medication regimen. I open up about my truth without the worry of losing a job or a relationship. Whether it's about my nutrition, socialization, exercise or yes, medication. I have nothing to feel ashamed of. Maybe someone will take away a little nugget and make one thing a bit easier.

Side Effects

Up and Down