Up and Down

Mental Health. Bipolar is like a seesaw always going up and down. They're often times where I feel balanced and level and then what seems out of nowhere my mind goes to a place that I hate to recognize. I am blessed to have someone who loves me so much that lets me know when things are starting to go off balance. Even though that part is so good sometimes it breaks my heart for the one I love to have to bear Witness to my mind's trials and tribulations. I then have to look backward a few weeks and see what has been triggering me? Even though I can identify the triggers I still have to manage the ups and the downs before they really take off. And that usually includes a tweak in medication. Sometimes it angers me that I've allowed situations to trigger me because I don't want to have to tweak medication.. so for now I am re tweaking medication and taking some time off of electronics. So for the rest of the weekend I will have gone dark. No matter how hard I work at getting my book out there into the right hands it makes no difference if I'm not in a balanced State of Mind. So a little rest and relaxation are in order.

trying and truth

Having a Vision