Poem from my book

Mental Health. I remember when Facebook was called fake book because people only posted Sunshine Lollipops and rainbows. Only good happy stuff. Which I'm all for however it's not a complete reality. Not just because I have a mental illness but because I'm human. I am not afraid to share my real truth anymore. There are mornings when it's hard to wake up even though I set an alarm clock. There are days that I cannot focus to read a chapter of a book even though I'm dying to. There are nights I have horrible nightmares. There are times when I can't see past my own nose to see another person's reality. These qualities could probably apply to anyone. They apply to me due to my mental illness. I would love to think that if I didn't have bipolar that I wouldn't be moody I wouldn't be impatient I wouldn't be super sensitive and maybe I'd be a little bit more in tune to the world around me. But this is life this is my life I don't hide it and I don't pretend to be perfect ever. I have learned to be strong and not feel defeated. I can be whatever it is that I dream and I now dream big.

Having a Vision

Suicide and Why?