Opportunity and self care

Mental Health Month. this is the last day of the month, like I said yesterday I will continue writing and also posting it to my website where I have all my posts. http://bit.ly/nourishsweetspot

I have had some wonderful opportunities lately. I am grateful for them. However, they didn't happen overnight. Writing my book and where it has brought me thus far is amazing. I only published in February. It's happening because I have opened myself up to accept new opportunities. I am reaching far from my comfort zone so much that I have new comfort zones. This is growth. As I write I am reminded of my illness, not that it needs any reminding. I have to remember my boundaries and how far I can push them. I still take my medication like clockwork, and get good sleep, and eat well. No matter what your endeavor is you must take care of yourself or none of this is worth it. http://bit.ly/survivingbipolar  http://bit.ly/2I0Vtfs


Never Quit