Never Quit

Mental Health Month...... Last year and this year I posted something about some type of mental illness or strategies to help us take care of ourselves. I have decided not to stop even though May is ending. I feel that speaking or reading or writing about mental illness keeps us aware and hopefully, no one falls off to the shadows. No one should suffer in silence. There is NO reason for it. I understand the feelings of shame and embarrassment, but no more!! I refuse to let those thoughts and emotions take over my life. They had too long already. I still have days where I wonder what am I doing?? Does anything I do actually matter?? And just when I think I am not enough and think of throwing in the towel something great crosses my path and I realize what I am doing really isn't for me. This is all for that person who needs to understand themselves with a mental disorder. This is for whatever information I may have and pass it along. Information is no good if we keep it to ourselves.

Opportunity and self care

A Reason, Season, Lifetime