A Reason, Season, Lifetime

Mental Health Month "People come into our lives for a reason a season or a lifetime." We don't know how long we have with people during our lives. Due to this, we need to be kinder and more thoughtful to others. The new person you met yesterday could be your new best friend. The gentleman you spoke with briefly at the coffee shop could have given you a great piece of advice in passing. We don't know the plan that the universe has for us. We need to show up. We need to be present and open and available. If your not, that nugget of info that the man at the coffee shop gave you will go up and over your head. We need to step out of the constant chatter that goes on in our heads. We need to work on calming ourselves. Don't shy away from the casual conversation, you have no idea what will come of it. If we don't try we will never know the possibilities that lay before us.


Never Quit

Do You Know You?