Do You Know You?

Mental Health Month - Do you really know yourself? Not who everyone else thinks you are or want you to be? Have you spent your life thinking you are an extrovert? Love being in crowds, or just act like it? Do you self-medicate to get through a busy evening, or to stay up late? Do you know what you are at? Do you know what you are not good at? I have always said I was an out-going, extroverted person. That was a lie I told myself because I thought that was what others wanted me to be, especially in an interview. It was only a couple years ago that I realized and owned that I am an introverted, and sensitive person. These are not bad traits, it's just who I am and I navigate the world in my own way. Neither is good or bad. It helps to really know yourself so you feel comfortable in your own skin no matter what or where you may be. Find your true self and own it!

A Reason, Season, Lifetime

No one person important enough to make you angry