No one person important enough to make you angry

Mental health month. I found a little saying that I thought was so perfect. No one person is important enough to make you angry. What we need to realize when it comes to emotions is that no one can make us feel a certain way unless we allow them to. If you're having difficulty with this something that is very important to be learned is to set boundaries. Setting boundaries for everyone is a little bit different. You may avoid that person altogether, you may filter phone calls, or not take the calls at all. But it's you that decides how much of an influence someone else can be on your life. So if you find yourself angry frustrated sad disappointed by someone else then you definitely need to put boundaries between you and that person or situation. For those of us with the mood disorder this can be extremely significant to our Mental Health. Some people just know how to push your buttons. So next time don't allow there to be any buttons to push. you get to decide your happiness don't let someone else take that away.


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