Mental health month. In the first years after my diagnosis I lost all of my friends. It's really hard to keep up with relationships when you're trying to figure out the one you have with yourself. I was lucky to know my name back then. And it's only been the last couple years the true ones have trickled back into my life. I think writing a book shed a lot of light about that time in my life.. I have been gracious to the new friendships I have made and so happy that the older ones are coming back in. There's a lot of loneliness when you're dealing with an illness. When you have any type of illness at times you just don't have the energy it takes to meet friends out for dinner and drinks or make plans for months down the line. It's just too difficult and I don't think others truly understand. We are not being difficult we're not trying to be insulting we don't mean to blow you off because your friendships are cherished. It's just hard to see that sometimes. My significant other reminded me yesterday the even though I have an illness and some days are up and some days are down no one else knows. No one can tell by looking at me that I have bipolar disorder. Someone might just think oh she's having a good day or she's not having a good day but there's no talk of an illness that's just something we put Upon Our selves. And we no longer need to do that. I have truly made an effort to open myself up to the world and to the universe and say yes so I can have the beautiful experiences that I'm supposed to have and touch others the way I'm supposed to. So if you get the opportunity to touch someone to make a difference in someone else's life if only in a little way say YES.

No one person important enough to make you angry