Metabilization of Medication

I have recently found out that I am a rapid metabolizer of my medication. I take a fairly high dosage of my mood stabilizer. A while back I had a mixed state episode and my doctor increased my mood stabilizer until my mind calmed down. We increased it quite a bit. I think this dosage would put most to sleep for several days, not me. My doctor ordered blood work to find out that my blood work only shows a low dose of the medication. We have now tested for both medications I am on to find the same result. I have asked around and read a bunch to find out that some people are slow metabolizers and others are fast. If you take medication I think it's important to know how you metabolize it. My next visit we will be doing some genetic testing to see why I metabolize so quickly. I am interested to see what the tests show. I will share the results when I get them.

Mental Health Month