Brandi Rae Blouch INHC

Author of: "From Ups and Downs to Middle Ground", Surviving Bipolar


I am the Best Selling Author of "From Ups and Downs to Middle Ground", Surviving Bipolar. These are my true stories with my own illness of bipolar. This includes strategies to maneuver our ever changing moods that take over our lives.

Let's Transform your life!!! I really enjoy helping others to make their health goals a reality. I have a BS in Psychology and I am an Integrative Nutritional Health and Mental Wellness Coach

As a Mental Wellness and Health Coach, I am a supportive mentor and a wellness authority who will work with you to feel your best through food and lifestyle changes. I believe that no two people are the same and no one way works for everyone. I will tailor your program for your individual needs. I will provide you with a safe environment where you can share your struggles and be assisted to have a healthy relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Sale Price of “From Ups and Downs to Middle Ground”,Surviving bipolar $10.00 

Give yourself the gift to understanding bipolar disorder, or someone you may know. 


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Offerings, For more Info. Please Call 860-513-2065

I offer Motivational Speaking Engagements and 5 week mental wellness workshop





What goes up, must come down.


"Our food should be our medicine,

              and our medicine should be our food"